iStorie is the new app that brings together all the children's books from White Star Kids and De Agostini

Explore the catalogue

a catalogue that is changing
all the time: products guaranteed
to educate and entertain.

The app for everyone

every book overflows with animations,
sound effects, games, interactive activities,
and audio recordings of each story

Quick access

the whole library always available
even when you are offline.
Search the catalogue with the help
of filters for category and language.

Buy secure

every in-app purchase is protected
by a control mechanism that blocks
children’s access to their
parents' app store account

download the app

iStorie is free from the app store and available for Apple and Android devices

If you buy a physical copy of the book, the app is included in the price.

  • Download iStorie to your tablet 
  • Search the catalogue for the books you already have
  • Select the book and unlock the digital content by framing the page in the book indicated with the webcam

books and games

be the first to hear about new releases from De Agostini and White Stat Kids. There will always something just right for you

Princess fairy tales

White Star Kids

Dinosaurs mix and match

White Star Kids

Who is afraid of Witches?

White Star Kids

Wer gruselt sich vor Garstigen Hexen?

White Star Kids

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

White Star Kids

Wer hat Angst vor dem bösen Wolf?

White Star Kids

Dining with... monsters!

White Star Kids